Presentations / Panels

Our team is available to conduct presentations.


Over the years we have been asked to attend different function such as the Dublin Paranormal Convention. We will tailor our presentation to your needs depending on time or subject. Due to our experience we feel quite comfortable speaking about our experiences and what we have learned. After all one of our main goals is to educate people on the subject through personal experience and research. 

One of our most enjoyable experiences has been where we were part of a panel answering questions and sharing different points of view on the paranormal.

Here are some presentation ideas:

  • Paranormal conventions

  • Social clubs

  • Schools

  • Paranormal Q&A

  • Haunted location open nights

  • Getting started in the paranormal

If you would like us to speak to you group of be part of a panel of discussion please refer to our Contact Us Page. We would be delighted to discuss any ideas you might have.





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