About us

We are an Irish Paranormal Research Group dedicated to researching all things Paranormal
through exclusively scientific means. Since our inception in 2004 we have helped many people
with paranormal and unexplained phenomena in their homes and businesses. In the vast
majority of cases we have been able to satisfactorily find a natural cause for an apparently
paranormal event.


​Our Primary goal is to either conclusively prove or disprove the existence of the Paranormal

through verifiable means and as a consequence we do not employ Psychics or Mediums in

our investigations as this would conflict with our scientific ethos. This does not mean we

disapprove of or seek to discredit such methods on the contrary we view it as another

paranormal phenomena and investigate and research it as such.















We are a group of like-minded people brought together to explore suspected paranormal events. Regardless of our background there is one thing we have in common. That is that at one point  or another we have experienced something paranormal which     could not explain. Each member was selected for his or her unique expertise and method which they approach investigations.

In addition to private research and investigations we also run public events Where people can get a taste

for and experience Paranormal Research for themselves, we have had great success and very positive feedback in the

past and we intend to run more of these on an ongoing basis


Email:  investigate@praofi.org



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